The Self-Employment Assistance Program Part II provides financial assistance to existing businesses who are at risk of closure due to economic instability. This program has been developed in 2020 to encourage individual entrepreneurs to work with local resources to maintain their business. SEA Part II provides financial assistance, training and technical assistance to individuals in receipt of Employment Insurance (E.I.) or without income, who have their own business to enable them to become self-employed but will normally lose E.I. benefits as a result of this decision.

Program Details


To qualify for the Self-Employment Assistance Program individuals must be unemployed and: 

  • Be a Six Nations band member
  • Have an active EI claim (only eligible for Supplementary costs) or been on an EI claim within past 10 years
    • If the Client is on an active claim, an EI authorization is needed to participate in SEA program.
  • Be without income.
  • Not have participated in a self-employment program funded by GREAT or HRDC within the past five years
  • An active business owner
  • Be legally entitled to work in Canada

NOTE: Participation in the program is subject to the availability of funding resources.




Up to a maximum of (104) weeks. 156 weeks if a person with a disability. Note: The signed contract can state that the assistance will be for a shorter period than 104 or 156 weeks.

Program Supports

  • Participants may obtain authorization to continue to receive their E.I. benefits.
  • Participants without income or not entitled to E.I. benefits may receive a basic training allowance.
  • Training allowances depend on a participant’s circumstances. Allowances are paid at a weekly rate, based upon 35 hours per week or more spent on-the-job.
  • Training needs are to be identified before the individual starts Self Employment. While on training, a participant may additional; supplementary allowances, such as dependent care, parking and commuting.
  • Dependent is defined, as per Revenue Canada stipulations.
  • Participants may be eligible to receive a one-time contribution of up to $5,000 for the purchase of capital assets