The Youth, Community-Based Project is designed to provide work opportunities to Six Nations youth who face greater barriers than their peers, to entering the labour market, by providing opportunity for youth to participate in meaningful community service projects.

The program offers valuable job and life skills, while strengthening the sense of accomplishment and attachment to their community by supporting innovative projects that will respond to youth’s need for community-based activities and involvement.

Program Details


• Between the ages of 15 and 30.
• In need of assistance to overcome employment barriers.
• Out of school.
• Legally entitled to work in Canada.
• Unemployed, Six Nations Band Members with limited work experience or career direction.




• A minimum of thirty (30) hour training week and maximum forty (40) hour training week. 20 weeks maximum duration of project.

Program Supports

• Training allowances will be provided to the youth participants.
• Other costs may be covered, where required.
• Special costs related to disabled participant may be provided, if required,
• Completion bonus for youth, up to a maximum of $500, may be available.

Employers, Sponsors & Training Partners

Eligible Employers

Businesses and organizations including but not limited to profit and not-for-profit, government departments and unions. Employers must have:
• Revenue Canada Taxation number, to remit an individual’s Employment Insurance Benefits.
• Proper bookkeeping policies and practices in place.
• Third party liability or WSIB coverage.
• Willing and able to accommodate, train and employ persons with disabilities.
• Employers must ensure that no regular, full-time or part-time employees are displaced, in any way.
• A detailed work plan, that includes life skills development for the youth group must be submitted by the employer.
• Employers must provide real and meaningful responsibilities and a commitment to adequate supervision, regular instruction and sufficient opportunity to learn job duties.
• Priority will be given to Youth Community Based Projects that result in full-time employment.

Eligible Training Institutions

• Businesses and educational institutions, including private and public.
• Recognized vocational trade schools.
• Qualified trainers.