GREAT recognizes and supports the strong cultural and traditional beliefs of the community, which is reflected in the programs and services provided. For the Onkwehon:we of the Grand River Territory; the Haudenosaunee (Mohawk, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca, Oneida and Tuscarora Nations) beliefs and values play a relevant role in the community. GREAT has adopted several principles which reflect the community’s history and culture.


The GREAT Board envisions a future where Onkwehon:we of Six Nations of the Grand River Territory will have strong economies, capacity to become self reliant and responsible for OUR well being.

Culturally Relevant Initiatives

Mega Ends

Ga saht sra Ganohonyohk: good minds and thoughts, the consideration for future generations, respect, accountability, responsibility, creativity, effectiveness, efficiency and life-long learning are some of the values that are reflected from our culture and nations philosophy.

It is recognized by the GREAT Board and staff that all people in our community play an important role in defining our nation’s strength and well being and may find it necessary to seek assistance in determining their role in the community as it pertains to employment and/or training. With this understanding, GREAT is able to look ahead to the future of our nation, and assist with the development of skills through the provision of required standardized / recognized training and technology. The incorporation and support of traditional ideals within the skills training will enable the people of Six Nations of the Grand River Territory to compete in today’s labour market while retaining our Haudenosaunee identity.

Throughout the last 10 years, Grand River Employment And Training has been supportive of several initiatives that not only reflect our traditional culture but also the retention of our Haudenosaunee identity. From language programs to local artist development, GREAT continues to support initiatives that increase the understanding and knowledge of our distinct society.

Past sponsored projects:

  • Dwadewayehsta Gayogoho:no We are all learning Cayuga Program
  • Haudenosaunee Resource Centre
  • Onkwawenna Kentyohkwa (Mohawk Language Program)
  • Waydehwayesdanih (Cayuga Language Program)
  • Ohwejaghkwhadegaenage
  • Tsi tyonnhent (Tyendinaga language school)
  • Woodland Cultural Centre
  • Kawennio Private School
  • Kawennio Language Preservation Project
  • Mohawk Chapel
  • Akwesasne Freedom School
  • Soapstone Carving Training
  • Leather Garments Training
  • New Orators
  • Aunties & Uncles Program
  • Awehaode Communications
  • Kanata Traditional Vlilage
  • Roots for Peace
  • Young Mens Camp
  • Unity Run
  • Peacekeeper Journey
  • Kanatsiohareke
  • Earth Healing Herb Garden
  • GREAT Snowsnake Tournament
  • Jake Thomas Learning Centre
  • Santee Smith Dance
  • Kanata Native Cultural Society
  • Various Self Employment Assistance artistic & holistic initiatives