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Craig Point

Craig Point is a dedicated father currently residing on Six Nations of the Grand River Territory where he works as a full-time Construction Labourer with the Bear Paw Construction Group...

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Hannah Thomas

Hannah Thomas is a 22-year-old community member of Six Nations of the Grand River. She has been a client at GREAT since she was in high school, and has accessed many programs that were available to her.

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Kennedy Montour

Kennedy Montour is a 26-year-old Mother of 2 from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. She is an active community member who has a passion for giving back.

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Terence Jamieson

Terence Jamieson is a 19-year-old Six Nations of the Grand River community member. While Terence was completing his high school credits, he felt he wanted to start training early for his next steps in life. After some conversations with his family, he decided to call the GREAT Office and inquire about what opportunities we had to offer him.

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Tia Porter

Tia Porter is a 26-year-old mother of two from Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. Tia made her first visit to GREAT in high school in hopes of obtaining summer employment and continued to access services available to her to continue her education to this day.

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Layla Johnson

Layla Johnson is a 17-year-old high school student from Six Nations of the Grand River. Layla began visiting GREAT when she started high school in 2020. Navigating high school during the COVID-19 pandemic was challenging and took away opportunities that would've normally been available to students.

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Cameron (Jessie) Jonathan

Jessie Jonathan, a 35-year-old single father, faced numerous challenges while growing up on both Six Nations and Brantford. Despite facing adversities, he persevered and decided to pursue his GED through GREAT. 

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Chris Causyn

Chris Causyn's success story inspires all who may be facing challenges in their career path. At 39 years old, Chris embarked on a journey of transformation that led him to new opportunities and fulfillment in his professional life.

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George Miller

George Miller, 21-years-old, is of Mohawk Turtle descent. He first heard about GREAT’s services from his mother and has actively participated in various available programs. In 2019, George participated in the Summer Challenge Program, gaining pre-employment skills and completing a work placement as a Kitchen Assistant. 

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Mary-Ann Minshall

Mary-Ann Minshall's success story is truly inspiring. Despite facing challenges such as severe mental illness, a lack of healthy relationships, and a fear of instability, she persevered and thrived with the support of GREAT. 

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Shelsea Hill

Shelsea Hill fell in love with the water at young age spending most of her summer days as a child swimming in the family pool with her siblings. She attended Jamieson Elementary School in Six Nations...

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Chelsea Doolittle

Chelsea Doolittle and her wife, Brooke, own The Drinkin’ Box Drive-Thru located on Chiefswood Road in Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. The drive-thru-only coffee shop is well-known...

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Tierra Henhawk

When Tierra Henhawk completed high school, she found herself at a crossroads. She knew she wanted to further her education, but felt it was not the right time in her personal life...

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Yvonne Styres-Thomas

Yvonne Styres-Thomas is a 31-year-old mother to a three-year-old daughter currently employed full-time with the Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation at Chiefswood Park..

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Kylie Miller

Kylie Miller is a 26-year-old mother to a 4-year-old son. She is currently employed as a full-time Early Childhood Educator Assistant at Stoneridge Children’s Centre in Six Nations..

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Lindsay Johnson

Lindsay Johnson is a married 35-year-old mother to a blended family. Three teenage children (18, and 14-year-old twins) and two teenage stepchildren (18-years-old, and 14-years-old). It was early on in life that..

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