Disability Opportunity Initiative Bubble Graphic

Disability Opportunity Initiative


The Disability Opportunity Initiative is designed to help persons with disabilities prepare for, obtain and keep employment or become self-employed, thus, increasing their economic independence. Any of GREAT’s employment and training programs can be utilized to remove barriers to employment, for persons with disabilities.

Program Details

To qualify for the Disability Opportunity Initiative, participants must be:

  • An unemployed, or underemployed individual 
  • Status band member of Six Nations of the Grand River who is actively seeking employment
  • Be unemployed or working less than an average of 20 hours/week
  • No longer required by law to attend school 
  • Self-identified, as having a permanent, physical or mental disability that limits daily activity
  • Be legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Be in need of assistance to prepare to enter the labour market, obtain a job, or become self-employed
  • Registered with Grand River Employment and Training

Our Annual Report

Our annual report shows our success over the last calendar year.