The Targeted Wage Subsidy Program is designed to assist eligible participants, who have employment barriers, to become employed, by providing wage subsidies to employers.

Program Details


To qualify for the Targeted Wage Subsidy Program, participants must be:
• A member of Six Nations of the Grand River.
• A qualified “insured participant”.
• Individual must be registered with Grand River Employment and Training.
Businesses and organizations, including but not limited to, profit, not-for-profit and government departments. Employers must:
• Have a Revenue Canada Taxation number, to remit an individual’s Employment Insurance benefits.
• Ensure full-time employment, upon completion of the training program.
• Have proper bookkeeping policies and practices in place.
• Have third party liability or WSIB coverage.
• Submit a detailed training work plan and job description in their application.


• Employment is not intended to be temporary but employment in a job that is part of the employer’s normal operations.
• No replacement of any employee on lay-off and/or waiting notice of recall is allowed
• No displacement of existing employees or volunteers will occur as a result of the TWS agreement.
• Appropriate supervision for the participant
• Employment must adhere to all applicable federal and provincial legislation and bylaws.
• Wages must meet federal or provincial minimum wage
• Wages must reflect the amount the employer pays other employees performing similar occupations




Projects will last for a minimum of twelve (12) weeks, up to a maximum of fifty-two (52) weeks, dependent upon the skill level of the individual.

Program Supports

• Financial assistance to employers for the participant’s wages, up to entry-level salary and other employment related costs of insured participants.
• No Mandatory Employment Related Costs (MERCs) are covered.
• Employment less than 35 hours per week may occur, if the client’s return to work action plan warrants.