The Skills Enhancement Program is designed to help employed or under-employed participants remain gainfully employed, when a threat of loss of job is imminent or to enable employed participants to enhance skills required for their employment goal.

A threat of loss of a job can be as a result of changes in technology or a certification or education requirements for the job.

Program Details


To qualify for the Skills Enhancement Program, participants must be:
• Employed or under-employed Six Nations band members. An under-employed person is defined as one or more of the following: working part-time (working 20 hours or less in a week); working in a job that does not match an individual’s qualifications and receiving a salary less than what is normal for that position; and an individual working in a position that does not meet the individual’s financial needs.
• May be an employed, qualified, insured participant, for whom an unemployment benefit period has ended, within the preceding 36 months (based on availability of CRF Skills Enhancement Program funding).
• Individual must be registered with Grand River Employment and Training.


• There must be a threat of job loss, if training is not received.
• Employers must continue to pay the participant’s wages, if the participant enrolls in training while “off-the-job”.
• Training may be full-time or part-time.
• Training and training costs must be identified before the training starts.
• Employer application must be submitted, which includes a detailed training plan.
• Employers must intend to provide continued employment to the participant, upon completion of the training program.




Maximum of training, up to fifty-two (52) weeks.

Program Supports

• Training costs for off-the-job training. It is expected that the employer will contribute a minimum of 10% of the training costs.
• Special costs, to a maximum of $5,000, can be considered for equipment lease that is required by the employer.
• Special costs related to persons with disabilities may be provided, as required.

Employers, Sponsors & Training Partners

Eligible Employers

Businesses and organizations including but not limited to profit and not-for-profit and government departments. Employers must have:
• A Revenue Canada Taxation number to remit an individual’s employment insurance benefits
• Proper bookkeeping policies and practices in place.
• Health and safety practices and policies in place.
• Third party liability or WSIB coverage.