The Local Labour Market Partnership (LLMP) Program is designed to help Six Nations of the Grand River’s employers and service organizations and local employee and/or employer associations, improve their capacity for developing and implementing strategies to deal with labour force adjustments and to meet human resource requirements.

The LLMP program addresses labour market issues, by partners who are facing a similar labour market issue, working together on a project.
Labour market issues relate mainly to an imbalance in the supply (number of workers with particular skills and the demand side (available and anticipated employment opportunities) of the labour market. The two strongest indictors of a labour market issue are unfilled jobs and high unemployment.

Program Details


• Six Nations of the Grand River’s businesses and service organizations, individuals and employee and/or employer associations.
• Expenses related to the identification of the barriers to employment for the unemployed, within Six Nations and/or a specific population group (youth) and to develop human resource plans to address them,
• Expenses related to conducting a comprehensive employer-awareness campaign.
• Expenses related to the collection and analysis of skills requirements of employers within Six Nation’s labour market.
• Expenses related to the collection and analysis of skills available among the unemployed Six Nations band members.
• Expenses related to other research studies.
• Costs which are not funded include the purchase of training for employed or unemployed individuals or assisting training institutions to develop their training capacity and infrastructure (facilities, equipment and staff).
• Forecasting and planning for the employment needs of employers.


Participant must submit a budget and an acceptable work plan clearly outlining:
• The project’s goals, objectives and activities.
• Role, responsibilities and qualifications of the team managing the project.
• Names of partners and their contributions.
• The benefit to the partners and to Six Nations of the Grand River community.
• Expected results, ie. number of anticipated jobs created for clients.




Up to one (1) year.

Program Supports

Financial assistance to an employer, so that one or more of their employees facing a loss of employment can acquire the skills (in fifty-two (52) weeks or less), to allow them to remain employed or if they are laid off, will shorten the period during which they would be required to draw on EI benefits.
• Financial assistance to partners, to support the costs of the project activities such as overhead costs, capital costs and worker’s compensation.