Youth Job Connection Summer (YJCS) is designed to help young people between the ages of fifteen (15) to eighteen (18) who face challenging life situations. This program provides them with the pre-employment training and work opportunities that will help them make informed career and educational decisions as they move forward with their employment goals.

Components of YJC Summer

  • Client planning and coordination
  • Pre-employment services
  • Job matching, placement and incentives
  • Education and work transition

Program Details


  • YJC Summer is available to individuals between the ages of fifteen 15-18, with a focus on those at risk of experiencing poor transitions between work and education.
  • Must be 15-18 at the time of registration
  • Resident of Ontario
  • Eligible to work in Canada
  • High school students *intending to stay in or return to high school or access post-secondary education, after their job placement.
  • *The education act requires young people, under the age of eighteen (18), to be in school, unless legally excused, which means either the individual has graduated or is participating in a Supervised Alternative Learning.
  • After participating in the project during the summer months, school-aged participants are expected to return to high school or go on to post-secondary education.
  • During the school year, participants who are under the age of eighteen (18) years of age, may participate in the project part-time or during school holidays, so as not to interfere with schooling. Part-time participation of YJC: Summer will not exceed ten (10) hours, per week.


An employer must not:

  • Be a federal, provincial or municipal government or agency.
  • Be a YJC Service provider.
  • Be currently receiving other government funds (federal, provincial or municipal) for the same job placement (e.g., Employment Service Job Placements).
  • Use placement services to displace existing staff or replace staff that is on lay-off.
  • Hire his or her immediate family members, such as parent, spouse, sibling or child, in the job placement.


The amount available for the Employer Placement incentive is $2500, per participant, minus the total amount allocated to Individual supports for that same participant.

The $2500 per individual is The Stipend + Employment Supports + Placement with Incentives in total.

Part-time YJC Summer will not exceed ten (10) hours per week.

Program Supports

  • Participants receive a stipend when they participate in pre-employment workshops. Amount of the stipend is set at the applicable provincial hourly minimum wage*, for the time the participants attend pre-employment training.
  • The pre-employment stipend is a minimum of twenty (20) hours per week, up to no more than thirty (30) hours x currently hourly minimum wage* per participant.
  • The maximum job placement supports is $500 per participant. Participants should not receive job placement support if they are receiving similar supports under another initiative. Examples of supports that can be covered include work clothing, equipment, childcare and transportation costs.
  • Exceptions, over the maximum, are values permitted for persons with disabilities.
  • A maximum of $2500 is available, per participant. This maximum amount can be used for a combination of Employer Placement Incentives and Individual Supports.
  • YJC  Summer offers financial incentives to encourage employers to provide placements and to offset their costs during the placement.

Employers, Sponsors & Training Partners

Eligible Employers

To be eligible to participate in job placements, employers must:

  • Be licensed to operate in Ontario.
  • Comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Employment Standards Act.
  • Maintain appropriate Workplace Safety and Insurance Board or private workplace safety insurance coverage.
  • Have adequate third party general liability insurance as advised by its insurance broker.
  • Comply with all applicable federal and provincial human rights and labour legislation, regulations and any other relevant standards.
  • Provide job placement in Ontario.