The Youth Job Connection program is designed to help young people between the ages of 15-29, who face serious barriers to employment. It provides access to employability and employment skills development, along with education/training and work experiences. The goal is to achieve long-term employment, meaningful careers and success in their future work lives.

Program consists of:

  • Pre-Employment Workshops.
  • Job-Matching and paid job placement, with placement supports for participants and hiring incentives for employers.
  • Mentorship Services.
  • Education and work transition supports

Program Details


Eligible Participant

  • Youth ages fifteen 15-29, at the time of registration.
  • A resident of Ontario.
  • Eligible to work in Canada.
  • Unemployed
  • Not Participating in full-time education or training, as defined by the institution.
  • Facing multiple barriers to employment
  • *GREAT will ensure that participants, who are fifteen (15) years old, to under eighteen (18), will be legally excused from attending high school.

Eligible Employers
Employer Eligibility to Participants in Job Placements.


An employer must not:

  • Be a federal, provincial or municipal government or agency.
  • Be a YJC service provider.
  • Be currently receiving other government funds (federal, provincial or municipal) for the same job placement (e.g., Employment Service Job placements).
  • Use the placement services to displace staff or replace staff who are on lay-off.
  • Hire his or her immediate family members, such as parent, spouse, sibling or children in the job placement.


The amount available for the Placement, with incentive cannot exceed $7500, per participant, minus the total of the amount for individual supports, (Pre-employment stipend and Job Placement Supports).

The Placement, with incentive, cannot exceed twenty-six (26) weeks, in duration.