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Terence Jamieson

Terence Jamieson

January 18, 2024

Terence Jamieson is a 19-year-old Six Nations of the Grand River community member. While Terence was completing his high school credits, he felt he wanted to start training early for his next steps in life. After some conversations with his family, he decided to call the GREAT Office and inquire about what opportunities we had to offer him.

To begin, Terence was linked with an Employment and Training Coach within the Student Office. He and his coach discussed his career goals and some steps needed to reach those goals; the first step was a driver’s license. GREAT was happy to assist in paying for Terence’s Drivers Education Training through OSTTC so that he could obtain his license and work on his independence.

Shortly after, Terence expressed an interest in Heavy Equipment Operator training. Again, Terence had to meet with an Employment and Training Coach to discuss his options. Although Terence was still working on his high school credits independently; he displayed a drive and passion for beginning this training early. GREAT assisted Terence with a Purchase of Training for HEO through KRTS in Caledonia, which he completed in 4 weeks.

“I’m glad to share my experience with GREAT and to hopefully encourage others to reach out and make that first step towards their future. If I can do it, so can you. I don’t have my OSSD yet, but I am working towards it while working full-time. You don’t have to be done high school to get started training and working.”

After Terence completed the Heavy Equipment Operator program, he took advantage of other training that GREAT had available at the time. Through a partnership with Skills of Ontario, GREAT offered a Tools for Success program; this was a 2-hour workshop for clients to receive skill training in carpentry and the use of tools. After completing the workshop, all clients were also gifted a bag of brand-new tools to help them prepare for their next employment.

Once Terence had sufficient training, he knew it was time to look for work. He linked with his Employment and Training Coach again to discuss resume and cover letter preparation, as well as places of employment he was interested in. Using connections and preparation, Terence landed a full-time job with Nicholson and Cates in Caledonia as a Forklift Operator.

When asked where Terence saw himself in 5 years, he responded…

“I’d like to see myself hopefully purchasing a home, possibly in the US.”

GREAT was very proud to see the hard work that Terence put in in a short amount of time to make a change in his life. Once he received all of his training and landed full-time employment, Terence could receive Employment Support to purchase the appropriate work clothes, boots and additional supplies he needed to successfully join the workforce.

What advice would you give to clients who are unsure of what to do next?

“Make that first step; just make the appointment and see what happens. Everyone at GREAT was super friendly and helpful.”


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