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Kylie Miller

Kylie Miller

August 24, 2021

Kylie Miller is a 26-year-old mother to a 4-year-old son. She is currently employed as a full-time Early Childhood Educator Assistant at Stoneridge Children’s Centre in Six Nations.

As a young female, Kylie had big aspirations to pursue a career in the emergency services industry as a firefighter, paramedic, or police officer. However, having a young son with health issues, and being a single mother, committing to the demands of the industry seemed near impossible.

It was at that moment that Kylie understood how important childcare was not only for her, but for other families in Six Nations as well. Hearing constant community concerns of the on-going childcare shortages, Kylie decided to dedicate her career to becoming an Early Childhood Educator.

Born and raised in Six Nations, Kylie was familiar with the supports available at GREAT, and utilized many of the programs growing up. In her most recent training program, her supervisor suggested she obtain more experience by applying for a Training-On-The-Job Placement (T.O.J.). At GREAT, Kylie’s Employment and Training Coaches supported her by enhancing her resume and assisting her with the application process needed to enroll in the T.O.J. program.

“The T.O.J. and resume building allowed me to gain a lot of hands-on experience working in the daycare and helped me see what it’s really like to be an E.C.E.”

Kylie Miller

She commended the program, as it allowed her to gain practical experience before making the decision to pursue a career in the childcare industry. With assistance from GREAT, after completing the T.O.J., Kylie successfully obtained full-time employment at Stoneridge Children’s Centre. Kylie shared how GREAT’s programs and staff have had a lasting impact on her personal and professional development. She has also been able to maintain a relationship with her ETC and is happy she will have someone at GREAT who can support, encourage, and mentor her future employment goals.

Moving forward Kylie hopes to work her way up at Stoneridge Children’s Centre and take an education leave to further her employment goals by becoming a Registered Early Childhood Educator.

“There is no shame in dipping your toes in the water. If you have a passion for doing a job that you are unsure of just try it out. It may change your life and open the door to a new world of opportunity. Gaining that experience is better than not having it at all, and G.R.E.A.T. is there to help you succeed at whatever it is that you want to do. Reach for the stars!”

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