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Location: Toronto Head Office Position Type: Full Time- Contract
Reports to: Traditional Teacher/Program Director Posting Expires: 15 July 2022
Organizational Overview:
Aboriginal Legal Services was established February 21, 1990. ALS was formed following a needs
assessment by the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto. With approximately 75 dedicated employees,
Aboriginal Legal Services is headquartered in Toronto and operates nearly a dozen satellite offices across
Ontario. Over the years ALS has becomes a nationally recognized leader in the development of
Indigenous-led justice programming and in test-case litigation. Indigenous People require equitable
treatment in the justice system, access to the legal and related resources within the justice system, as well as
understanding of the system and their options. The support required includes advocacy in all areas of the
law as well as alternatives which can break the cycles of recidivism and dependency which is all too
prevalent. These alternatives are more effective when they are community controlled and are based on the
traditional cultural norms and values of the Indigenous community.
Position Summary:
The role of the Welcome Home Assistant Trainee is to assist individuals in reconnection with community
and tradition through ceremony, circles, counselling, education and referrals. The Welcome Home
Assistant Trainee should have basic knowledge of Aboriginal Justice and traditional healing approaches.
The suitable candidate will have excellent written and verbal skills and will ideally have some experience
facilitating circles, as well as providing counselling and assessment. This position is unionized.
Duties and responsibilities
• Liaise between ALS and various community agencies/groups such as Probation and Parole, Bail Program,
and Correctional Institutions;
• Liaise with Elders, traditional knowledge keepers and other organizations providing cultural safety through
their service;
• Work in conjunction with various programs and departments within ALS;
• Develop and deliver groups with cultural and therapeutic components;
• May assist in Traditional Counselling with individuals, couples, families, children and youth;
• Assist in conducting ceremonies;
• Outreach to educate and inform service providers and community about programs and services available;
• Complete all statistical information required by funders;
• Develop evaluation tools to assist in assessing needs and gaps in service;
• Writing support letters for courts and maintain case notes;
• Must be registered with Miziwe Biik and working with an Employment Counsellor;
• Must reside within the GTA;
• Experience in combining contemporary and traditional counselling approaches to individuals facing
multiple barriers, including: poverty, homelessness, addictions, mental health imbalance, trauma survivors,
criminal justice involvement;
• Ability to develop and facilitate therapeutic groups;
Aboriginal Legal Services is an equal opportunity organization committed to diversity and inclusion. Our goal is to attract,
develop and retain highly talented employees from diverse backgrounds, allowing us to benefit from a wide variety of
experiences and perspectives. We welcome and encourage applications from all qualified applicants. Accommodations for
persons with disabilities required during the recruitment process are available upon request. To request accommodation, please
email would like to thank all applicants for their interest but only those selected for an
interview will be contacted.
• Ability to build partnerships, liaise with various partners and stakeholders;
• Skilled in community presentations;
• Ability to keep statistics, maintain case notes and develop/complete evaluations for funders;
• Knowledge of non-violent crisis intervention/de-escalatio;
• Ability to engage community members through outreach activities;
• Ability to conduct assessments and provide appropriate referrals;
• Some experience conducting various ceremonies to assist in traditional healing approaches;
• Basic Knowledge of the criminal justice system;
To apply:
To apply to this job posting please submit your cover letter and resume with “Welcome Home Assistant Trainee” in
the subject line to or fax it to (416)408-1568 by no later than 15 July 2022