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POSITION TITLE:             Summer Library Assistant (Youth)


Reports to the CEO of the Six Nations Public Library.


The Assistant position is reserved to youth employees or volunteers.  Under the supervision of the CEO, the Assistant will perform task specific activities.  The Assistant is not permitted to work alone, nor open or close the building, regardless of age or years of experience with the Library.


The Assistant performs task specific activities.  Examples include:

  • An average day Key Activities include:
    • Making calls pertaining to the Golf Tournament
    • Setting up booths in the Iroquois Plaza to promote the Golf Tournament
    • Working on cataloguing or inventory projects
    • reshelving books, shelf reading
    • circulating materials, assisting at Front Desk
    • assisting patrons in locating materials;
    • processing books for cataloguing, book jacketing
    • assisting with Youth Clubs and Program Prep and events
    • faxing and photocopying for patrons
    • cleaning of the public areas
  • Other tasks may be project or event driven such as:
    • working in specialized programs such as reading circles;
    • assisting with special exhibits, events, and presentations;
    • larger cleaning and reorganization projects.


SNPL acknowledges that the Assistant position is a youth position and may be the first position held by most employees.  As such, a willingness to learn is most important; however the following exemplifies the characteristics of a successful Assistant:

  1. Willingness to learn on the job;
  2. Ability to multi-task;
  3. Ability to take direction and act on instructions;
  4. Ability to follow multi-step directions;
  5. An academically successful student who can balance personal and academic life;
  6. Must have working knowledge of computers, MS Office Suite (including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint);
  7. Experience with Internet and database searches;
  8. Must be able to demonstrate strong public relations skills, interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills;
  9. The ability to demonstrate strong organizational skills;
  10. Interest in learning about Library Science;
  11. Strong communication skills, including written and verbal;
  12. Good work ethic; and
  13. Dependable worker.


Assistants have no independent action expectations.  All tasks will be assigned by the CEO, Sr. Clerk, or Clerk on desk (in that order).


The primary impact of errors associated with the Clerk positions are as follows:

  • Confidentiality—any staff who does not protect the records or data of the Library and their patrons may cause a breach of confidentiality. This may result in injury to the patron or legal action against the staff and Library.
  • Loss of Materials—any staff who is not vigilant within the Library, or who does not properly log materials within the Integrated Library System (ILS) may cause a loss of materials.
  • Loss or Damage of Property—any staff who is not vigilant on maintaining the premises and closing procedures of the facility may cause a loss of personal or library property.
  • Personal Injury—any staff, especially the Sr. Clerk and Programmer, who does not properly supervise patrons and program participants, risks personal injury to themselves or the patron/participant.
  • Financial Loss—any staff who does not properly safeguard the cash of the Library risks theft of petty cash and loss of revenue for the Library.
  • Discontinuity with the Actions of the Board—Pertaining to Awareness and Familiarity with Organizational Documents, it is the responsibility of the Assistant to review, question, and be mindful of the limited Library’s documents listed below. Without knowledge of these documents, the Assistant cannot complete their job properly, which will result in both poor practices and performance reviews; and may inadvertently act against the Boards initiatives.  These include:
  1. Mission and Values
  2. Core Competencies
  3. Manuals (as directed by the Sr. Clerk)
  4. Select Operational Policies and Procedures (as directed by the Sr. Clerk)


Assistants have no supervisory responsibilities.  Assistants may be requested by the CEO to provide feedback for evaluation of Clerk’s, but will not be required to complete these roles themselves.


With the CEO

Receives direction and guidance in providing professional services to the community, and in the daily operations of the Six Nations Public Library.

With the Clerk on Shift

This is the primary supervisor.  Receives shift direction and guidance on daily and weekly work plans.  Takes direction and critique of quality of work, and seeks feedback on how to be more productive.

With Other Staff

Promotes courtesy, cooperation and teamwork with all staff; and fosters a respectful work environment.

With External Agencies or Groups

Forwards correspondence from the community to the Clerk on shift or CEO.

With the Public

Represents and promotes Six Nations Public Library interests in a courteous manner, provides information and advice as requested.


Expected Working Environment–The expected working environment of the Library is that of a public service, office setting.  A Assistant can expect:

  • Occasional lifting in excess of 20-40 pounds;
  • Basic money math;
  • Use of LCD monitor on PCs for an average of 30% of shift;
  • Sitting for approximately 30% of shift;
  • Walking between multi-level, non-accessible floors;
  • Assisting the Clerk to meeting with and serving the public including difficult people;
  • Exterior lifting such as shoveling;
  • Limited contact with aggressive patrons, which may include physical threats to self or others; and
  • Rare shifts scheduled in a smoking environment of the Bingo Hall.

Equipment—A Assistant can expect to use a variety of office equipment including:

  • Photocopier
  • PC/laptop
  • Laminator
  • Cri-cut paper press
  • Slicer
  • Vacuum

Appearance—As the Assistant is one of the front line staff of the Library, they should be professional in dress, appearance, and attitude.  The Assistant may participate in dress down days or dress down for task specific work, such as heavy cleaning days, but should otherwise attend work in business casual dress or better, and be appropriately prepared for the workplace tasks of the shift.


All employees are required to demonstrate a commitment to the community of Six Nations.  The Six Nations Public Library Board and CEO will demonstrate this commitment by giving priority for employment to Six Nations members, followed by other local First Nations applicants.


  • Interest in learning about Library Science
  • Ability to take direction and act on instructions
  • Strong communication skills, including written and verbal
  • Good work ethic
  • Dependable
  • Must be at least 15 years of age
  • Must submit a Criminal Reference Check if over 16
  • Native preferred, with priority given to Six Nations members or other First Nations.
Position closes Friday June 18, 2021.
All applications can be sent to studentoffice@greatsn.com. All applications must include a cover letter and resume and all applicants must be registered with the GREAT Student Office.