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Mohawk and Cayuga Language Immersion School

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The Gayogohon:no mentor will host 1 weekly, two-hour sessions with Gayogohon:no speaking staff over ZOOM.

The Kanien’kehá:ka mentor will host 1 weekly, two-hour session with Kanien’kehá:ka speaking staff over ZOOM.

The language mentors will:

  • Speak the target language at all times;
  • Participate in language elicitation activities as organized by staff (this may include but is not limited to storytelling,
  • Describing
  • Narrating
  • Role-playing
  • Conversing
  • Acting
  • Demonstrations
  • Other activities as can safely be done during the COVID-19 pandemic);
  • Participate in training sessions with staff to increase the effectiveness of language mentor sessions;
  • Assist in the translation of words,
  • Phrases and specific terminology;
  • Provide Onkwehonwehnéha/Ogwehǫ:wéneha knowledge,
  • Information
  • Knowledge,
  • Guidance and perspectives on topics and subjects as requested by teaching staff;
  • Cultivate and maintain a safe, encouraging, positive space where staff are supported in working to increase their speaking proficiency in the target language.

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