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SUPERVISION:          Executive Director

TERM:                         Permanent Part-Time -28 Hours per week


Employed by the M’Wikwedong Indigenous Friendship Centre, responsible to the policies and directions as determined by the Board of Directors of the Friendship Centre and under the direct daily supervision of the Executive Director.


To ensure the provision of culturally-appropriate mental health and addictions support services to urban Indigenous community members. The program will be designed to address individual, family, and community mental health and addiction needs utilizing a wholistic approach to care (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).


Key Responsibilities:


  • Conducts peer-counseling sessions and case management services for direct- service
  • Provides culture-based intervention services including but not limited to: arranging healing ceremonies, sweat lodge ceremonies, utilizing recognized Elders/Traditional teachers in the counselling session,
  • Conducts or organizes group counseling and/or psychoeducational workshops for direct-service users and interested community members such as talking/sharing circles, teaching circles, positive self- esteem, healthy relationships,
  • Supports individuals, families or communities who request assistance or information concerning mental health and addictions treatment programs and services.
  • Designs, develops and delivers mental health and addiction educational presentations and information materials to individuals, families, community organizations and
  • Provides wrap-around services and a strengths-based action plan for each individual direct-service user; to address goals in the areas of mental health pre- treatment, treatment and aftercare
  • Promotes awareness and ensures access to the program through a variety of outreach efforts and promotional
  • Conducts strengths and needs assessments for direct-service users and to

M’Wikwedong Indigenous Friendship Centre

develop plans of care to meet the needs and goals of those in the program.

  • Refers direct-service users to appropriate community resources and arranges transportation or accompany direct-service users to appointments as
  • Networks with Indigenous and non-Indigenous agencies and services to promote and provide services for direct-service users who need treatment and healing from dealing with mental health, addiction, and other prolonged problems.
  • Integrates with internal and external partners to promote culturally appropriate program activities that minimizes stigma surrounding mental health and addictions for individuals, families, and
  • Communicates with Friendship Centre staff members, community professionals, and other service providers to ensure that services for direct- service user are
  • Accurately report and ensure all program objectives are being met in accordance with


  • Possess post-secondary education in Indigenous studies, social service work, child and youth work or a combination of equivalent and relevant
  • The candidate will have a minimum of two (2) years of demonstrated and related work experience within a mental health and/or social service
  • Strong knowledge and awareness of Indigenous culture and history, with particular emphasis on the impacts of trauma, family violence, Indigenous youth engagement and community
  • Knowledge of Indigenous Healing and Wellness Strategy (IHWS), Ontario Mental Health Act, community health services and other related
  • Satisfactory vulnerable sector


If you are interested in qualifying for this role please email or drop off your resume and cover letter to:

M’Wikwedong IFC

1045 3rd Ave. West, Owen Sound, On N4K 5W6

Attention: IADW WORKER

  Contact: admin@mwikwedong for a complete job description


Only those contacted will be granted an interview.

Indigenous candidates as per Section 16 (1) of the Human Rights Act is preferred