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Production Workers

Pet Food Processing
Major quality pet food ingredient processor is looking for 4 general labourers who would be involved in the process of production of pet food.

Ideal candidates would have to have physical ability to lift 50 lbs or more on a consistent basis and be willing to work afternoon and night shift.

Salary:                                                                                                                            $ 18.00/hr (16.00/hr plus a $2.00/hr shift premium) for 44 hrs a week. Overtime may be required and will be paid at 1.5 x hourly rate after 44 hrs  a week.

Job duties include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Separation / sorting and preparation of food for initial processing and grinding
  • Pouring of liquid food into the mouldings / holding baskets/ containers
  • Placement of baskets on the cooling / freezing plates
  • Removal of containers from the freezing plates
  • Placement of containers in a production line
  • Cleaning of the processing area

Please apply via email at

Company info:

4188 Perth Line 9, St. Marys Ontario, PO Box 578, N4X 1C5