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Grand River Rafting is located in Paris Ontario. We are an outdoor paddling company hosting over 40,000 people yearly. Our staff positions involve training in six different positions.

Setup team:

  • Load and unload appropriate type & quantity of boats for the day
  • Securely strap down all boats and equipment
  • Call supervisor if you notice something missing right away

Desk team:

  • Greet customers and confirm their reservation
  • Ensure waivers are complete and that each group has dry bag and instruct where to go next

Equipment team:

  • Greet customers, pick out appropriate pfds and ensure proper fit
  • Ensure that customers have the right number and type of paddle for their boats

Map team:

  • Take customer through the map of where they are going, things to avoid and things do along the way. Also cover weather and flow rates.

 Launch team:

  • Greet the people when they arrive
  • Get the appropriate boat… and help the customer get into the boat with instruction on how to adjust and operate.
  • Offer helpful tips especially if you see someone struggling

Exiting the River team:

  • Greeting Customer and telling them where to safely exit the river.
  • Direct them where to place garbage, paddles, pfds, and any other GRR equipment. As well as where washrooms and cars are.
  • Take their boat for them and put it in the appropriate place.
  • Keep equipment & area clean, pick up any garbage in equipment and on ground

This is a job where you physically work hard. If you want an easy job where you won’t break a sweat… then this is not the job for you.

Very important to being our staff, are these factors:


  • Every job is everyone’s job
  • Looking ahead for what can be done vs waiting for instruction
  • If not sure, ask a fellow team member
  • Offer help, if you see someone still doing a job, when you have finished a task
  • Following instructions
  • Be able to handle difference of opinion

Customer Service:         

We are ranked in the top 2% out of 2,000 outdoor adventures in Ontario… customer service is what sets us apart. And the top 10% worldwide

  • Friendly in greeting people with words and body language
  • Comfortable talking to people of all ages
  • Public Speaking skills
  • Checking that customers are properly equipped before leaving your area


  • On time (15 minutes early)
  • Responsible for getting yourself to work
  • Responsible to find a staff replacement if you are not available
  • Normally 10 hour shift… 4 days a week… variety of start times from 6am til 12pm…
  • Working all Weekends
  • Breaks during downtime


Be prepared to come in, but be aware that sometimes shifts are cancelled


  • Clean
  • Hygiene
  • Well Rested
  • Modest Clothing


  • Heat/Cold and Rain Prepared
  • Able to lift
  • Good footwear and rain gear
  • Like working outside
  • Comfortable using porta potties

Phone Use:

  • You are allowed to have your phone on you.
  • If it is a call from one of your coworkers regarding work, then get back to them when you have a minute
  • If it is something personal, then wait until there is a break.
  • We want our customers to not be aware you have a phone.


  • Supply shirts
  • Free use of boats for you and a friend
  • Paid training
  • Free camping at Brant Park
  • Wages $13.40 or $14.25 plus 4% vacation pay
  • Paid every 2 weeks (work for 2 weeks then pay will be on the 3rd Thursday for the prior 2 weeks from Sunday to Saturday
  • Statutory pay on Holiday
  • Overtime at 1.5x after 44 hours/week
  • If you stay the full season… we pay a bonus in the Fall
Position closes Friday June 18, 2021. All applications must be submitted by this date.
Applications can be submitted to studentoffice@greatsn.com. Applications must include cover letter and resume and applicants must register with the GREAT Student Office.