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Six Nations Polytechnic (SNP) is a unique Indigenous Institute, recognized by community, government, and institutions of higher learning, as a Centre of Excellence for Indigenous Knowledge. SNP offers postsecondary, secondary, trades education and training. SNP has formal partnerships with nine publicly funded Ontario Universities and Colleges and collaborates with six Ontario-based Indigenous owned and controlled post-secondary Institutes. For more information, visit

Function & Overview:

Reporting to the Unit Manager – Skilled Trades, the successful candidate will be responsible for supporting the learning environment of assigned skilled trades courses within a postsecondary environment.  The Instructional Assistant (IA) will assist with the design and revision of course content, create a positive teaching and learning environment, design and implement course assessments, deliver learning materials in a variety of formats, and provides instructional support to students on shop procedures and the use of equipment needed to complete practical learning requirements. Based on an established program timetables of student in-class and shop assignments the IA is expected to perform their duties with a minimum of managerial supervision, and to work effectively with other instructors and staff.


The duties of the Instructional Assistant include, without limitation:

Support the Learning Environment

  • Working with students in a blended learning format (in person and online) to promote learning and development;
  • Supporting instructor/s in the shop environment.  Provide instruction, practical demonstration, supervision and evaluation of students to ensure that students comply with safety procedures and safe shop practices while working on machinery and equipment; Establishing field questions regarding equipment, materials and assignments;
  • Supporting the delivery of course content in collaboration with instructor;
  • Providing ongoing instructional support, supervision, tutoring and/or guidance throughout the scheduled student contact time to enable students to learn from theory and shop/lab assignments; Facilitating small group discussions and activities in-person and online;
  • Carrying out all duties in an online and/or blended (online and in-person) learning environment, as required by and in response to changes in the operating environment of SNP;

Support Shop/Lab Operations

  • Assisting with maintenance and preparation of shop/lab area and equipment as required.  Report any issues and concerns with the shop or classrooms to Shop Technician or Unit Manager – Skilled Trades;
  • Organizing, conducting and documenting monthly toolbox safety meetings with each trade or group of trade instructors;
  • Supporting instructors in maintaining an inventory of supplies as required for the weekly sequence of shop/lab exercises, demonstrations and project assignments;
  • Maintaining inventory controls, coordinate repairs and purchase orders in consultation with instructors and the Unit Manager when required;
  • Ensuring that shop/lab and equipment and tools are cleaned and stored in a safe manner. Organize and ensure proper storage of supplies, prep rooms. Collect, label, store and dispose waste solutions and hazardous studio by-products according to procedures, and in compliance with WHIMIS regulations and other relevant government legislation;
  • Ensuring compliance with WHMIS regulations and other relevant government legislation, obtain and maintain SDS information, determine and comply with labeling requirements, liaise with appropriate bodies as necessary. Post safety information in shops as necessary;
  • Ensuring a safe working and learning environment by adhering to WHMIS, OHS and other relevant regulations. Provides follow up instruction on safety procedures and regulations in the shop/lab, including WHMIS regulations, safe usage of chemicals, equipment, glassware and SDS processes;
  • Providing/conducting monthly inspection reports of equipment, cranes, forklift, etc, as required;

Communications & Program Support   

  • Attending weekly team meetings and planning meetings with the course Instructor;
  • Assisting Instructor in completion of student evaluations, including testing, grading, and evaluating student progress in accordance with program deadlines;
  • Supporting Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) testing activities. (applies to Welding only);
  • Maintaining a good working relationship with visitors, students, and other departments;
  • Establishing and maintaining collaborative and positive workplace relations with instructors, students, staff, and administrators, to support and promote the program and college as a positive learning environment;
  • Participating in department and school activities as required; Participating in orientations, division, and faculty meetings as requested;
  • Participating in student retention activities as requested;

Supervise shop student assistants

  • Hiring work placement student assistants in collaboration with the Unit Manager;
  • Training, assigning and reviewing shop environment work of student assistants;

General Duties 

  • Understanding and adhere to existing SNP policies and processes; and Unit-specific protocols, reporting structures, and timelines/deadlines;
  • Understanding and adhere to partner college policies and processes; and program-specific protocols, reporting structures, and timelines/deadlines if applicable;
  • Supporting program partnership agreements and relationships, as applicable;
  • Participating in maintaining a supportive environment conducive to learning and working at SNP, cultivating a climate of cooperation for addressing Unit and institutional issues;
  • Supporting campus Covid-19 campus access / screening activities as required; and
  • Other related duties, as required.

Qualifications: Education and Experience

  • Relevant Trade Certification and/or Post-Secondary Diploma/Degree in course subject area, machinist background is preferred;
  • Minimum 5 years industry experience in a relevant industry; Post-secondary teaching/ training and/or experience preferred;
  • Experience with online learning management systems would be an asset;

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • A general and current knowledge of Hodinǫshǫ:nih history, culture, values, contemporary issues, community priorities, and stakeholders;
  • Excellent communication skills with an emphasis on written expression (i.e., faultless spelling and grammar, and professional style);
  • Sound interpersonal skills including communication, organization, negotiation, and professional judgement;
  • Ability to work under pressure and manage schedules, portfolios, and timelines, to meet demanding deadlines;
  • Capacity to work both independently and in a team setting, demonstrating Hodinǫshǫ:nih/ Rotinonhson:ni values of Ga’nigohi:yo:/Kanikoriio (Respect and the Good Mind); Demonstrated familiarity with standard desktop computing programs, including spreadsheets, word processing, and database applications, on the Windows 2010 (or later) operating system; and
  • Understanding and appreciation of, and willingness to support the unique philosophy, vision, and mission of Six Nations Polytechnic, Inc.;
  • Demonstrate interpersonal skills through respect, sharing and caring;
  • Willingness to engage in ongoing training and development, relevant to sector and role;
  • Demonstrated competencies in strategic thinking, coordination, analysis, policy development, and change management; and
  • Demonstrated commitment and understanding of human rights, equity, diversity and inclusion with the ability to communicate and work effectively inter-culturally with diverse groups of students, employees and the community.

At Six Nations Polytechnic, we are committed to diversity and inclusion as we continue and expand our efforts to become a more inclusive, safe and respectful workplace. Human Resources will accommodate any needs under the Ontario Human Rights Code (OHRC) and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Recruitment processes will be modified to remove barriers to accommodate those with disabilities, as may be requested.

Application deadline: Friday October 22, 2021 at 4pm

Application Email:

Job Types: Full-time, 6 Month Term Contract


  • Afternoon Shift (1:30pm-9pm)
  • 7.5 hours, daily (37.5 hours/week)
  • Monday to Friday