Website Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI)

Starting Salary: $60,000

Closing Date: May 14, 2021

Basic Requirements

  • must have a valid “G” drivers licence
  • preference will be given Haudenosaunee
  • experience in management
  • experience and knowledge of the sensitive and complex nature of working within Six Nations community
  • experience working within policy


Applications must include a resume, cover letter and 2 signed letters of references with necessary contact information in order for an application to be considered. All applicants must clearly indicate which job they are applying for. Only successful candidates will be contacted. Please submit applications by email only to

Job Purpose: 

  • The Policy Analyst will lead, manage, coordinate and undertake projects in all areas of policy development to advise and inform internal policy through evaluation, revision and upkeep of existing policies. Policy Analyst will ensure internal policies are responsive to current and developing federal, provincial and municipal policies and legislation impacting Haudenosaunee sovereignty and rights. They will also be tasked with the reviewing, tracking, managing and co-ordinating all incoming notifications in accordance with all relevant HDI policies. The Policy Analyst is also required to manage a team and provide effective, clear and direct communication.

Knowledge and Understanding of

  • proficient understanding of Haudenosaunee Laws
  • proficient understanding of Haudenosaunee Governance Structure
  • familiarity with changing acts, policies, legislation governing the operation of the Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments and potential impacts on HDI policy and Haudenosaunee rights
  • in-depth knowledge of the development, analysis, revision and implementation of Federal, Provincial and Municipal policies, procedures, guideline, programs and legislation effecting Haudenosaunee rights
  • an understanding of, and ability to apply, constructive management methods, time management techniques, and organization strategies
  • extensive knowledge of internal community political dynamics
  • knowledge and ability to navigate Mac computer systems
  • knowledge of relevant Microsoft programs
  • Haudenosaunee language is an asset

Ability, Skills and Management

  • participate and foster effective team environment
  • a high level of initiative and self-motivation
  • work independently ensuring completion of necessary tasks in a time sensitive manner
  • effectively condense and present complex information
  • excellent organizational and co-ordination skills
  • superior verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to deliver presentation with tact, clarity, enthusiasm and accuracy
  • communicate clearly and directly all relevant needs of the organization to a variety of individuals
  • analyzing and evaluating existing policies and determining gaps, necessary improvements and enhancements
  • analyze and coordinate most effective means of meeting policy objectives
  • development, implementation, evaluation and amendment of strategic plans, policies, procedures, guidelines as needed
  • analyze proposed Federal, Provincial and Municipal changes to policies and legislation, identifying potential impacts, determining necessary modifications to internal policy
  • strong ability to synthesize multiple ideas and complex information into a coherent summary, as in reports and briefing notes, and to develop modifications or creation of new policy
  • reviewing, tracking, managing and co-ordinating all incoming notifications in accordance with all relevant HDI policies
  • ensure effective and timely follow up with all incoming notifications in accordance with relevant HDI policies
  • coordinating thorough, accurate and timely submissions of work to management as required
  • coordinating the development and implementation of work-plans and evaluating final products
  • coordinating and managing a team
  • manage, supervise and support staff as required
  • manage and supervise staff in an objective and respectful manner
  • supervise and develop effective time management and organizational skills of staff
  • supervise the assessment, prioritization and completion of multiple responsibilities and tasks
  • maintain and facilitate a good rapport with community and stakeholders
  • make rationale, realistic and sound decisions based on consideration of all facts and alternatives available