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Bird Conservation Technician: Six Nations of the Grand River and Nature Canada

The Six Nations of the Grand River, in partnership with Nature Canada, are initiating a multi-year project to survey populations of birds, particularly species at risk of extinction, within the Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve #40 Boundaries.

Through Canada Summer Jobs, we are able to offer an 8-week position in support of surveying wild bird populations on the Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve #40 and taking actions to keep their populations healthy and recover populations of species at risk. As well, this job will involve surveying swallow populations off reserve, in the Dunnville Marshes.


  • Must be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident or refugee.
  • Enrolled in or completed College or University program in wildlife management, ecology, biology, natural sciences, or equivalence.
  • Highly motivated and self-starter
  • Drivers licence preferred.
  • Good bird identification skills
  • Respectful and cognoscente of Indigenous environmental viewpoints and values
  • Must be between 18 and 30

Tasks and roles:

  • Compile existing information on historic bird surveys done on the Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve;
  • Assist in designing a method to conduct road-based surveys of breeding birds;
  • Identify historical locations of breeding aerial insectivore birds;
  • Conduct surveys of the Dunnville marsh swallow roost in late July and early August.
  • Keep careful records of the survey results.
  • Organize one outing into the Dunnville Marsh Swallow roost for invitees from the Council or Administration of the Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Council and the Mississaugas of the Credit.
  • The successful candidate will be supervised by staff from Nature Canada and the Six Nations of the Grand River Wildlife and Stewardship Department.


  • Tentative start date: Early June.
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Based on a 35 hour working week
  • $20/hour
  • Daily schedule negotiable

To Apply:

  • Send resume and cover letter to:┬áLara Falkiner at
  • Applications will be reviewed after the closing date on May 23rd.