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POSITION:                 Student Native Corrections Officer

REPORTING RELATIONSHIP: Reports to and works under the supervision and direction of the Supervisor of Six Nations Grand River Correctional Services and according to the Ministry of the Solicitor General (SOLGEN) and the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services-Youth Justice Services (MCCSS-YJS) policies and guidelines.


The Student Native Corrections Officer is responsible for assisting with the monitoring and supervision of Clients according to the policies, procedures and guidelines of the Ministry of the Solicitor General (SOLGEN) and the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services-Youth Justice Services (MCCSS-YJS).


  1. Provides monitoring and supervision of Clients

i. Offering assistance to both Supervisor and Secretary/Bookkeeper and providing support as may be required.

ii. Offering assistance to both adult and youth corrections officers in monitoring Clients and provide support as required.

iii. May assist with client intake process as required: Acknowledgement of Court Order; completing Risk Screening parts A & B; collecting personal background information for assessments, LSI-OR and RNA’s; collateral contacts, and developing an offender management plan.

iv. May assist in the on-going supervision of assigned clients according to their individual Offender Management Plans, including: regular client supervision meetings, maintenance of client case notes and files, and collateral contacts as required;

v. May assist in referring clients to Community agencies/organizations as per the Offender Management Plan.

vi. May assist with preparing correspondence in relation to client supervision, i.e. failure to report letters, Victim Notification, Release of Information, Referral Forms, etc.

vii. Assisting with the Community Service Order Program with client Intake, placement and monitoring.

viii. Participating in staff meetings as required.

2. Prepares required reports

The Student NCO may be required to aid NCO’s in preparing various reports (pre-sentence reports, pre-parole reports, stand-down reports, progress reports) for the courts and the Ontario Parole Board according to SOLGEN policies and guidelines.

3. Protects the community through appropriate enforcement action

i. May assist in preparing Failure to Comply Probation (Breach) packages as required;

ii. May assist in preparing required official reports and Parole warrants on behalf of the Ontario Parole Board;

iii. Attend court as required.

4. Liaises with appropriate officials regarding monitoring and supervision or enforcement by:

i. Reviewing Offender Management Plans with Supervisor, NCO’s or SOLGEN Area Manager as required and/or directed;

ii. Reviewing Community Service Order plans with Supervisor, NCO’s and/or Area Manager as required;

iii. Relating any specific supervision concerns to the Supervisor and/or SOLGEN Area Manager as required;

iv. May involve contacting and attending Courts, Judge’s Chambers, Crown Attorney’s Office, Institutions and Probation & Parole Offices etc. as may be required;

v. Contacting SOLGEN regarding OTIS information & other data.

5. Participates in on-going Native Supervision Program development by:

i. Attending and positively participating in all staff meetings as requested;

ii. Gathering and submitting client information and other data as required.

iii. Attend any training/education that may be required.

6. Performs other related duties as required by the Supervisor, Six Nations Grand River Correctional Services, which includes but is not limited to, participation in the Six Nations Community Emergency Measures Plan.


This position involves:

i. External contact with Courts, Ontario Parole Board, Probation & Parole Offices, Institutions etc.;

ii. Direct Offender contact, including but not limited to probationers, parolees, and conditional sentence clients;

iii. Some risk is involved due to predisposition of some clients;

iv. Work requires travel to surrounding communities using own transportation;

v. Work requires attending meetings regarding staff and program operation;

vi. Work hours may vary due to work schedule and client availability;

vii. Works in a climate controlled environment.


With the Supervisor Six Nations Grand River Correctional Services:

The Student NCO will receive instruction, direction, guidance and supervision.  The Supervisor will review with the Student NCO, Client case files, priorities and offer guidance to ensure tasks are completed as required.

The Student NCO will be familiar with Six Nations Council employment policy and procedures.

With Staff:

The Student NCO will work in a courteous, cooperative and team building spirit with all staff.

With Clients:

     The Student NCO will provide support, guidance, direction and encouragement.

With External Agencies:

In a professional manner represents and promotes Six Nations interests relative to Six Nations-Grand River Correctional Services and its programs and services.

With the Public:

The Student NCO represents and promotes Six Nations Grand River Correctional Services and its programs and services in a professional manner and with regard to the safety and Cultural concerns and needs of the community.


i. Must have completed at least one semester of University with plans of returning to school in the fall. Preference will be given to the following area(s) of study: social sciences, social work, law, or related field; i.e. sociology, psychology, criminology;

ii. Must possess accurate, clear, concise oral and written communication skills;

iii. Must demonstrate problem solving, analytical and administrative skills;

iv. Must demonstrate ability to use computer hardware/software to effectively input and retrieve information;

v. Must be able to work with a variety of personalities and temperaments;

vi. Must be able to work independently with minimal supervision and within a team concept;

vii. Must be willing to work flexible hours as required;

viii. Must be knowledgeable of the Criminal Justice System of Ontario;

ix. Must possess the knowledge/ability to interpret/apply relevant legislation;

x. Must be knowledgeable of Six Nations community resources/agencies, as well as external resources/agencies in surrounding areas;

xi. Must be knowledgeable of traditional approaches to helping Native clients.

xii. Must have a vehicle with appropriate insurance coverage and valid Class “G” driver’s license and.


Errors in judgment and in the conduct of duties could lead to loss of program funding, poor public relations and loss of public confidence, reduced/inadequate client service and legal liability.


The Student Native Corrections Officer works within the organizational structure and administrative policies and procedures as established by the Six Nations Council, as well as the policies, procedures and guidelines of the Ministry of the Solicitor General and the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services-Youth Justice Services as they relate to the Six Nations-Grand River Correctional Services, its programs and services.

Position closes Friday May 7, 2021. All applications must be submitted by this date.
Applicants can submit applications to studentoffice@greatsn.com. Applications must include a cover letter and resume and all applicants must be registered with the GREAT Student Office.