Grand River Employment and Training

GREAT has access to a skilled labour force of 27,559 Six Nations band members residing both on and off-reserve. 

Company Overview 

Established in 1992, Grand River Employment and Training (GREAT) is an Indigenous non-profit organization providing employment and training support to Six Nations band members regardless of their residency, job seekers, and employers across Ontario. GREAT is recognized by the Six Nations community, and both Six Nations Elected and Confederacy Councils as the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Agreement Holder for employment and training programs for Six Nations.  

Located in the heart of Ohsweken, ON, GREAT operates out of a 45,100 square foot building, consisting of four wings each representing a longhouse. These wings feed into a central atrium similar to the manner that Haudenosaunee villages were once structured. The structure of the building symbolizes both the growth of the organization and the return to traditions that have characterized its development.  

GREAT is primarily funded through Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), Employment Ontario (EO), and Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), as well as the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centre’s (OFIFC). Over the years, GREAT has also worked alongside many government community services organizations, municipalities, colleges, sector councils, and Indigenous organizations. 

As an incorporated organization, GREAT has established social enterprises to help support its mandate as an employment and training service provider. These entities include the GRETI Opportunity Business Centre that leases office space.


“Eyagoyadagęn:ha˺ – Helping the People” 

Mission Statement 

“Our mission is to create pathways to wellness and prosperity through employment and training.” 

Vision Statement 

“Our vision is a prosperous community that has equal access to sustainable employment.” 

The slogan, mission, and vision statement express the philosophy that GREAT exists to empower clients to pursue their employment goals. Whether it is through training, employment, or professional development, GREAT works to provide services to all Six Nations band members, job seekers, and employers across Ontario.