The Career Experience/Job Experience Program is designed to expose unemployed participants to one or more careers, to help them decide on the career they want to pursue, before or after formal education.

The program will provide participants with an opportunity to experience a career, through a job shadowing experience, with a selected employer.

Program Details


To qualify for the Career Experience/Job Shadow Program, participants must be:
• Unemployed Six Nations of the Grand River band members, who are actively seeking employment.
• No longer required by law to attend school.
• Registered with Grand River Employment and Training.


Participants must complete an ESPORT before their career experience program.




Up to a maximum of six (6) weeks. Participants have the flexibility to job shadow more than one employer but must spend a minimum of two weeks with any one employer.

Program Supports

• Participants will be entitled to receive a training allowance and may be eligible to receive supplementary support based on GREAT’s rates.
• Employers which agree to provide job shadowing to a participant can, when necessary, negotiate an in-kind contribution from GREAT.
• Special costs related to a disabled participant may be available if required.

Employers, Sponsors & Training Partners

Eligible Employers

Businesses and organizations including but not limited to profit and not-for-profit and government departments. Employers must have:
• A Revenue Canada Taxation number
• Proper bookkeeping practices and policies in place
• Health and safety practices and policies in place
• Third party liability or WSIB coverage
• Provide a Certificate of Insurance to GREAT