Job Board

Grand River Employment and Training Inc. is an equitable opportunity employer and will seek to accommodate the needs of job applicants and employees with disabilities in a manner that most respects their dignity. All candidates are encouraged to apply; applicants from Six Nations and other First Nations will be given preference to deliver programs and services in a First Nations Community. Based on the need to provide qualified professional services only those applicants meeting the minimum requirements will be invited for an interview.

TitleLocationClosing Date 
Occupational Health and Safety Inspector- Industrial All2019-03-25View Details
Occupational Health and Safety Inspector- Industrial -Mining , Surface and Underground All2019-03-25View Details
Radiation Protection OfficerAll2019-03-25View Details
Aboriginal Community Liaison OfficerAll2019-03-28View Details
Aboriginal Liaison OfficerAll2019-03-28View Details
Class Instructor/Coach MentorAll2019-04-08View Details
Weekend Maintenance WorkerBrantford2019-03-27View Details
Computer TechnicianBrantford2019-03-28View Details
Finance Administrative ClerkBrantford2019-03-29View Details
Casual Educational AssistantsBrantford2019-03-29View Details
Housing Outreach WorkerBrantford2019-04-12View Details
Maintenance & Grounds AssistantBrantford2019-04-20View Details
College Program Instructor P/T Brantford2019-04-26View Details
Clinical Social Worker Sub-Contractor PositionBrantford2019-04-30View Details
Executive Director Eastern Ontario2019-03-25View Details
Family Liaison Officer Eastern Ontario2019-03-27View Details
Gymnastics CoachEastern Ontario2019-04-22View Details
Home Child Care ProviderGreat Toronto Area2019-03-24View Details
Home Child Care ProviderGreat Toronto Area2019-03-24View Details
Child Care Provider - Private HomeGreat Toronto Area2019-03-24View Details
Teacher Development Manager Great Toronto Area2019-03-25View Details
Fundraising Manager Great Toronto Area2019-03-25View Details
Fundraising & Government Relations Manager Great Toronto Area2019-03-25View Details
Executive DirectorGreat Toronto Area2019-03-29View Details
Welder / FitterGreat Toronto Area2019-03-31View Details
Master SchedulerGreat Toronto Area2019-03-31View Details
Test TechnicianGreat Toronto Area2019-03-31View Details
Personal Care Provider - Home Care Great Toronto Area2019-04-09View Details
Personal Care Provider - Home CareGreat Toronto Area2019-04-24View Details
BabysitterGreat Toronto Area2019-04-28View Details
Indigenous ArtistGreat Toronto Area2019-04-30View Details
Personal Care Provider - Home CareGreat Toronto Area2019-05-08View Details
Personal Care Provider - Home CareGreat Toronto Area2019-05-10View Details
Child CaregiverGreat Toronto Area2019-05-27View Details
Personal Care Provider - Home CareGreat Toronto Area2019-05-27View Details
Home Child Care ProviderGreat Toronto Area2019-06-15View Details
NannyGreat Toronto Area2019-06-28View Details
GreenskeeperHaldimand-Norfolk2019-03-29View Details
Golf Tournament & Advertising ManagerHaldimand-Norfolk2019-03-31View Details
Supply Educational AssistantsHamilton2019-03-29View Details
CookHamilton2019-03-29View Details
Endaayaang NavigatorHamilton2019-04-02View Details
Native Youth Advancement with Education Hamilton Elementary AdvisorHamilton2019-04-05View Details
Indigenous Early Years Outreach FacilitatorHamilton2019-04-05View Details
Culture and Language FacilitatorHamilton2019-04-05View Details
Transportation FacilitatorHamilton2019-04-05View Details
Aboriginal Courtworker (second position)Hamilton2019-04-20View Details
Child Wellness WorkerLondon2019-03-27View Details
Band RepresentativeLondon2019-03-28View Details
Receptionist/ Clerk (Trainee)London2019-03-28View Details
Recruitment & Selection Worker (Trainee)London2019-03-28View Details
Family Liaison OfficerNorthern Ontario2019-03-27View Details
Senior Finance OfficerNorthern Ontario2019-03-29View Details
Post Secondary Education and Student AdvisorNorthern Ontario2019-03-29View Details
Lands OfficerNorthern Ontario2019-03-29View Details
Early Childhood EducatorsNorthern Ontario2019-03-29View Details
Community Recreation SupervisorNorthern Ontario2019-03-30View Details
Office ClerkNorthern Ontario2019-04-01View Details
Manager, Digital Strategy and Social Media Six Nations/New Credit2019-03-24View Details
Language /Cultural Instructor068-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-03-27View Details
Director Trainee 066-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-03-27View Details
Secretary / Receptionist 070-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-03-27View Details
Kinesiologist 071-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-03-27View Details
Speech Language Pathologist 073-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-03-27View Details
Mental Health Nurse 072-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-03-27View Details
Child & Youth Case Manager - 075-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-03-27View Details
Occupational Therapy Assistant - 077-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-03-27View Details
Registered Social Worker - Counsellor - 076-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-03-27View Details
Jordan's Principle Administrative Assistant - 078-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-03-27View Details
Early Psychosis Intervention Nurse 079-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-03-27View Details
Staff Lawyer 080-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-03-27View Details
Social Worker 081-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-03-27View Details
Child & Youth Worker - 082-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-03-27View Details
Financial ClerkSix Nations/New Credit2019-03-28View Details
Cultural FacilitatorSix Nations/New Credit2019-03-28View Details
Student Support WorkerSix Nations/New Credit2019-03-28View Details
Registered Early Childhod EducatorSix Nations/New Credit2019-03-28View Details
Weight Room MonitorSix Nations/New Credit2019-03-28View Details
Chief Operating Officer Six Nations/New Credit2019-03-28View Details
Bus Driver - Casual Drivers NeededSix Nations/New Credit2019-03-29View Details
Beyond the Bell Educator Six Nations/New Credit2019-03-29View Details
Design Technologist Six Nations/New Credit2019-03-31View Details
Architectural Design TechnologistSix Nations/New Credit2019-03-31View Details
Innovation Seven Field InterviewerSix Nations/New Credit2019-03-31View Details
2 Custodial Staff Six Nations/New Credit2019-03-31View Details
Cook/ CashierSix Nations/New Credit2019-03-31View Details
Food Services Supervisor 095-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-04-03View Details
Part-time Maintenance Worker 096-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-04-03View Details
Urban Unit Assistant 089-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-04-03View Details
Urban Intake Team Members (4 positions) 090-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-04-03View Details
Intake Team Leader 091-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-04-03View Details
Manager of Resources 092-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-04-03View Details
Physiotherapist 093-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-04-03View Details
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Coordinator 094-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-04-03View Details
Alternative Care Resource Team Leader 083-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-04-03View Details
Cultural Advisor Coordinator 084-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-04-03View Details
Trainer/ Training Coordinator 085-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-04-03View Details
Data Base Research Support 086-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-04-03View Details
Urban Support Team Leader 087-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-04-03View Details
Urban Support Team Member (6 positions) 088-19Six Nations/New Credit2019-04-03View Details

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