Job Board

Grand River Employment and Training Inc. is an equitable opportunity employer and will seek to accommodate the needs of job applicants and employees with disabilities in a manner that most respects their dignity. All candidates are encouraged to apply; applicants from Six Nations and other First Nations will be given preference to deliver programs and services in a First Nations Community. Based on the need to provide qualified professional services only those applicants meeting the minimum requirements will be invited for an interview.

TitleLocationClosing Date 
Cultural InterpreterBrantford2018-11-21View Details
HVAC TechnicianBrantford2018-11-22View Details
Budget and Grants OfficerBrantford2018-11-23View Details
Supervisor of Purchasing ServicesBrantford2018-11-23View Details
CNC Machinist (Vertical Machining Center)Brantford2018-11-30View Details
General Manager, Golf and OperationsEastern Ontario2018-11-19View Details
Fitness & Sports InstructorEastern Ontario2018-11-21View Details
BartenderEastern Ontario2018-11-21View Details
Recreation LeaderEastern Ontario2018-11-23View Details
BartendersEastern Ontario2018-11-30View Details
Billingual Program OfficerEastern Ontario2018-11-30View Details
Follow Up Worker - High NeedsGreat Toronto Area2018-11-21View Details
BabysitterGreat Toronto Area2018-11-22View Details
Registered Nurse, Rapid Access Addiction Medicine (RAAM)Great Toronto Area2018-11-28View Details
Policy AnalystsGreat Toronto Area2018-11-30View Details
Emergency Shelter Services DirectorGreat Toronto Area2018-11-30View Details
Live-in CaregiverGreat Toronto Area2018-11-30View Details
ReceptionGreat Toronto Area2018-11-30View Details
Child Caregiver - Private HomeGreat Toronto Area2018-12-05View Details
Home Child Care ProviderGreat Toronto Area2018-12-18View Details
BabysitterGreat Toronto Area2018-12-19View Details
Home Child Care ProviderGreat Toronto Area2018-12-23View Details
Home Child Care ProviderGreat Toronto Area2018-12-24View Details
Child Care Provider - Private HomeGreat Toronto Area2019-02-01View Details
Home Child Care ProviderGreat Toronto Area2019-02-07View Details
Aboriginal Courtworker Hamilton2018-11-23View Details
De dwa da dehs nye>s Aboriginal Health CentreHamilton2018-11-30View Details
Mental Health Team LeadHamilton2018-11-30View Details
Weekend Crisis Intervention Anti-Human Trafficking Services Hamilton2018-11-30View Details
Specialist Technical SupportHamilton2018-11-30View Details
Executive Assistant - Non-Profit OrganizationHamilton2018-11-30View Details
Casual Clerical Support StaffHamilton2018-12-04View Details
Occasional Early Childhood EducatorHamilton2018-12-04View Details
Mohawk as a Second Language Teacher Hamilton2018-12-04View Details
Supply Educational AssistantsHamilton2018-12-04View Details
Registered Early Childhod EducatorHamilton2018-12-14View Details
NYA:WEH Elementary AdvisorHamilton2018-12-21View Details
Transportation FacilitatorHamilton2018-12-21View Details
Cultural Safety FacilitatorHamilton2018-12-21View Details
Culture and Language FacilitatorHamilton2018-12-21View Details
Indigenous Early Years Outreach FacilitatorHamilton2018-12-21View Details
NYA:WEH Advisor (2) - Secondary SchoolsHamilton2018-12-21View Details
Identification Client Advocate Hamilton2018-12-28View Details
Senior Wellness Coordinator & Facilitatior Hamilton2018-12-28View Details
Cultural Resource Coordinator - Homeward Bound ProgramHamilton2018-12-28View Details
Registered Early Childhood EducatorHamilton2018-12-28View Details
Transportation FacilitatorHamilton2018-12-28View Details
Culture & Language FacilitatorHamilton2018-12-28View Details
Indigenous Early Years Outreach FacilitatorHamilton2018-12-28View Details
Culture Safety Facilitator Hamilton2018-12-28View Details
Secondary Occasional TeachersHamilton2018-12-28View Details
Taxpayer Services Agent Entry Level SP-04Hamilton2019-01-18View Details
Human Resources AssistantKitchener2018-11-20View Details
Community Energy LiaisonLondon2018-11-23View Details
Debris Truck DriverLondon2018-11-26View Details
(Youth) Mental Health and Addictions WorkerLondon2018-11-30View Details
Children Recreation CoordinatorLondon2018-11-30View Details
Wasa Nabin Program CoordinatorNiagara/St.Catharines area2018-11-19View Details
Ganigohi:yo CoordinatorNiagara/St.Catharines area2018-11-19View Details
Financial Manager/ AnalystNiagara/St.Catharines area2018-11-19View Details
Apatisiwin CoordinatorNiagara/St.Catharines area2018-11-19View Details
Program Manager (1)Niagara/St.Catharines area2018-11-30View Details
Special Projects WorkerSix Nations/New Credit2018-11-20View Details
Family Gathering Program Supervisor 186-18Six Nations/New Credit2018-11-21View Details
Language /Cultural InstructorSix Nations/New Credit2018-11-21View Details
Alternative Care Resource Team Member 184-18Six Nations/New Credit2018-11-21View Details
Indigenous Wellness and Addictions Prevention Instructor - Part Time, Environmental Citizenship CourseSix Nations/New Credit2018-11-23View Details
Manager of Facility ServicesSix Nations/New Credit2018-11-23View Details
Marketing Coordinator Six Nations/New Credit2018-11-25View Details
Assistant Financial ControllerSix Nations/New Credit2018-11-27View Details
Family Gathering Program Supervisor 192-18Six Nations/New Credit2018-11-28View Details
Nurse EducatorSix Nations/New Credit2018-11-28View Details
Language/ Cultural Instructor 190-18Six Nations/New Credit2018-11-28View Details
Service Access Unit Supervisor 189-18Six Nations/New Credit2018-11-28View Details
Family Engagement Worker 188-18Six Nations/New Credit2018-11-28View Details
Intake /Resource Worker 187-18Six Nations/New Credit2018-11-28View Details
Partnership Developer Six Nations/New Credit2018-11-30View Details
ReceptionistSix Nations/New Credit2018-11-30View Details
Education Administrative AssistantSix Nations/New Credit2018-11-30View Details
Coordinator - MNCFN Indigenous Led EarlyON Child and Family Program Six Nations/New Credit2018-12-06View Details
Casual Supply Teacher Six Nations/New Credit2018-12-28View Details
Casual Educational AssistantSix Nations/New Credit2018-12-28View Details
Bus Driver - Casual Drivers NeededSix Nations/New Credit2019-03-29View Details

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