Job Board

Grand River Employment and Training Inc. is an equitable opportunity employer and will seek to accommodate the needs of job applicants and employees with disabilities in a manner that most respects their dignity. All candidates are encouraged to apply; applicants from Six Nations and other First Nations will be given preference to deliver programs and services in a First Nations Community. Based on the need to provide qualified professional services only those applicants meeting the minimum requirements will be invited for an interview.

TitleLocationClosing Date 
Second CookBrantford2018-09-18View Details
Behaviour Counsellor( (2) PositionsBrantford2018-09-19View Details
Temporary Psycho-Educational Consultant (half-time)Brantford2018-09-19View Details
Cultural InterpreterBrantford2018-09-21View Details
Weekend Visitor ClerkBrantford2018-09-21View Details
Beyond the Bell Educator Brantford2018-09-30View Details
Beyond the Bell SupervisorBrantford2018-09-30View Details
Casual Food TechnicianBrantford2018-10-05View Details
Casual Educational AssistantsBrantford2018-10-05View Details
Casual CaretakersBrantford2018-10-05View Details
Home Maintenance / Repairs Brantford2018-10-05View Details
Compliance and Assurance AnalystEastern Canada2018-09-18View Details
Arena AttendantEastern Ontario2018-09-20View Details
Recreation Leader (Sports)Eastern Ontario2018-09-20View Details
Community Recreation SupervisorEastern Ontario2018-09-24View Details
Recreation Leader (2) Eastern Ontario2018-09-24View Details
Communications Manager, Support Our TroopsEastern Ontario2018-09-27View Details
Regional Manager Human Resources NCREastern Ontario2018-09-27View Details
Home Child Care ProviderEastern Ontario2018-10-16View Details
Field Officer (3)Great Toronto Area2018-09-27View Details
Sales AssociateGreat Toronto Area2018-09-28View Details
Indigenous Children & Family Outreach Program WorkerGreat Toronto Area2018-09-28View Details
Junior Quality Assurance Analyst (Entry Level Position)Great Toronto Area2018-09-28View Details
Caregiver, BabysittingGreat Toronto Area2018-10-06View Details
Home Child Care ProviderGreat Toronto Area2018-10-09View Details
Personal Care Provider-Home CareGreat Toronto Area2018-10-16View Details
Personal Care Provider-Home CareGreat Toronto Area2018-10-16View Details
BabysitterGreat Toronto Area2018-11-22View Details
Child Caregiver - Private HomeGreat Toronto Area2018-12-05View Details
Youth In Transition WorkerHamilton2018-09-21View Details
Interim Right to Play Community MentorHamilton2018-09-21View Details
Interim Educational Resource AssistantHamilton2018-09-21View Details
Indigenous Homeward Bound: Hamilton Case WorkerHamilton2018-09-21View Details
Cultural Resource CoordinatorHamilton2018-09-21View Details
(2) Housing First Case Manager Hamilton2018-09-26View Details
Mental health Team LeadHamilton2018-09-26View Details
Transportation FacilitatorHamilton2018-09-28View Details
Cultural Safety FacilitatorHamilton2018-09-28View Details
Culture and Language FacilitatorHamilton2018-09-28View Details
Indigenous Early Years Outreach FacilitatorHamilton2018-09-28View Details
Gladue Writer (2)Hamilton2018-09-28View Details
Trauma Informed Worker (4 ) Hamilton2018-09-28View Details
Mental Health Worker (7)Hamilton2018-09-28View Details
Gladue Aftercare Worker (2)Hamilton2018-09-28View Details
Interim Educational Resource AssistantHamilton2018-09-28View Details
Registered Early Childhood EducatorHamilton2018-09-28View Details
Insulation Blanket Manufacturing Technician Hamilton2018-10-05View Details
Heavy Equipment Operator/ 2 Construction LabourerKitchener2018-10-05View Details
Class InstructorNiagara/St.Catharines area2018-09-28View Details
Tenant CounsellorNiagara/St.Catharines area2018-10-15View Details
Receptionist Northern Ontario2018-09-28View Details
Administrative Assistant Other Canadian Province2018-09-20View Details
Administrative Assistant Other Canadian Province2018-09-20View Details
Administrative Assistant Other Canadian Province2018-09-20View Details
(3) Behavior Technician Other Canadian Province2018-09-21View Details
Resource Teacher's (2)Other Canadian Province2018-09-21View Details
Administrative DirectorSix Nations/New Credit2018-09-19View Details
Indigenous Health Links Transformation LeadSix Nations/New Credit2018-09-19View Details
Staffing OfficerSix Nations/New Credit2018-09-19View Details
SchedulerSix Nations/New Credit2018-09-19View Details
Language/ Cultural InstructorSix Nations/New Credit2018-09-19View Details
Gas AttendantSix Nations/New Credit2018-09-24View Details
Nurse EducatorSix Nations/New Credit2018-09-26View Details
Supervisor - Advanced Care ParamedicSix Nations/New Credit2018-09-26View Details
HousekeeperSix Nations/New Credit2018-09-26View Details
Maintenance WorkerSix Nations/New Credit2018-09-26View Details
Dental AssistantSix Nations/New Credit2018-09-26View Details
Personal Support WorkerSix Nations/New Credit2018-09-26View Details
Alternative Care Resources Team Member (3 positions)Six Nations/New Credit2018-09-26View Details
Admission/ Concession WorkerSix Nations/New Credit2018-09-26View Details
Egoyena:wa's Worker (I Will Help You)Six Nations/New Credit2018-09-26View Details
Speech Language PathologistSix Nations/New Credit2018-09-26View Details
Clinical Data Management Specialist Six Nations/New Credit2018-09-26View Details
Coordinator - MNCFN Indigenous Led EarlyON Child & Family ProgramSix Nations/New Credit2018-09-27View Details
Employment & Training Assistant TraineeSix Nations/New Credit2018-09-27View Details
Grounds StaffSix Nations/New Credit2018-09-28View Details
Custodial Staff Six Nations/New Credit2018-09-28View Details
Construction StaffSix Nations/New Credit2018-09-28View Details
Assistant Caretaker Maintenance MechanicSix Nations/New Credit2018-10-10View Details
Customer Service RepresentativesSix Nations/New Credit2018-10-19View Details
Bingo Sales RepresentativeSix Nations/New Credit2018-10-19View Details
First Nations Manager / CEOWestern Ontario2018-09-28View Details

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